Smirkyisms is still in beta. Any issues please contact us here.

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Community Curated Scrap Books

Save, Share and Laugh at all your Discord Community's memes forever!

Live, Laugh, LOL.

Upload, Save and Share Images and Quotes from you Discord Server. Have a scrapbook of funny moments on your Discord Server.

Discord Bot
The Smirkyisms Bot allows you to Upload Images & Quotes directly to your Community Scrapbook. You can also call ask it to get a random Image, Quote or Both for a quick laugh.
Images & Text
Multi Message and JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, SVG, WEBP Supported.
Privacy Settings
Full control over who can and who cannot see your Scrapbook incase there is private stuff on there. Full Access, Password Protected, Community or fully Private.
Discord Login
Full OAuth With Discord. No need to make new accounts. Just sign in with your Discord account!


Smirkyisms, inspired by Rickyisms from Trailer Park Boys and our friend Smirky, start as a bot for my gaming community. We wanted a way to save funny quotes, memes and images in a place where we could pull from it for good memories, like a Scrap Book. From there I had interest and decided to open to more people. So here we are.

How it Works

Smirkyisms works by adding a bot to your chosen Discord Server. You can then ask the bot to 'pin' messages and it will add them to your account. You can set Privacy so your Scrap Books can be private or open to the public.

As well as viewing images on Smirkyisms you can also request them via the bot straight to you Discord Server. So whenever you want a quick laugh you can ask the bot for a random Quote, Image or both!